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(Source: One of the least favorite topics in the construction industry is the technical documentation. "But that's been finished for a long time, why do I have to deal with it now?" We've heard it before and will hear it again.

F. Mattukat said it too, before he founded docemos GmbH. As a design engineer on semiconductor fab projects, he knew the necessity of as-built documentation. But as with any fast-track project, getting the job done is more important than doing paperwork.

Technical documentation Along with the new millennium came a change in careers. In fall 2000 F. Mattukat and Jürgen Neumeier founded docemos GmbH. It became apparent that technical documentation couldn't be done "along the way" as construction managers liked to think.

F. Mattukat has been sole owner and Managing Director of docemos GmbH since January, 1st, 2002. After a brief period in Neuhausen/Enzkreis, the docemos GmbH has been in Dresden since September, 15th, 2003 and is registered under the number HRB22033 at the Dresden Registration Office.