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System Documentation

The handing over of the checked and deficiency-free documentation to the operator is usually the cause for discussion between owner and contractor. Frequently final payment is withheld until the complete documentation is handed over. The duration of the project can be shortened with benefit to both parties by consistently managing the preparation of documentation and documentation handover.

For large-scale projects in plant construction the docemos GmbH team provides support during different project stages:

  • Coordination during preparation of the As-Built documentation for the plant and building during the construction phase as well as modifications during operation
  • Preparation of the As-Built documentation as well as support for remeasure based jobs
  • Preparation and revision of instruction manuals and system documentation
  • Provision and implementation of software solutions for punch-list management (PRO-DEF)

Services in the Area of Plant Documentation

  • Project management for technical documentation
  • Technical Document Control
  • On-site remeasure of installation
  • Preparation of As-Built documentation
  • Punch list/deficiency management
  • Standardization of project management for technical documentation from the start of contracting until handover
  • Preparation of documentation and CAD services for construction companies
  • Preparation of electronic documentation
  • Running of a company archive for archiving documents

docemos GmbH supports its customers by:

  • Preparing technical documentation for the trades waste water, chemical supply, electrical/FMCS, gas supply, heating and interior construction, ventilation, process vacuum, ultrapure water, structural work and steel construction
  • Support of the CAD team
  • On-site remeasure of installation
  • Incorporating changes in existing documentation
  • Documentation of commissioning of chemical and gas supply systems (QA/QC)
  • Support during acceptance and warranty management (deficiency management)
  • Administrative tasks relating to technical documentation (e.g. paper filing and digitalization)
  • CAD and expert consulting activities in structural fire protection
  • Programming of database solutions for our customerĀ“s needs