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Risk assessment and CE conformity

The risk assessment is required by law for issuing the CE conformity for machines and plants. Since December 2009, clear legal requirements for the type, scope and documentation of the risk assessment have been made in Germany as part of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Among other things, the risk assessment must be prepared and updated before the system has been put on the market and satisfy the requirements of DIN EN ISO 12100-1:2010 (formerly the almost identical DIN EN ISO 14121-1).

Risk assessment is carried out in six steps:

  • Establish the limits of the machinery
  • Identify hazards
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk evaluation
  • Inspection of security level reached
  • Risk reduction

The documentation of this process must be carried out for all steps. For the risk assessment the whole life cycle of the machine is looked at.

The primary goal of the risk assessment is the constructive elimination or reduction of risks. The secondary goal is the integration of safety measures for risks which cannot be eliminated. All residual risks must be pointed out, a result of the risk assessment are the resulting safety messages for the subsequent instruction manual.
The docemos GmbH supports, moderates and documents the process, but cannot replace or evaluate the planning engineerĀ“s contribution.

Risikobeurteilung Our Services:

  • Preparation of risk assessment according to DIN EN ISO 12100:2010 / Moderation and Documentation of the Process
  • Preparation of risk assessment according to BetrSichV (Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health)
  • Preparation of ignition hazard assessment according to DIN EN 13463-1:2009
  • Conformity assessment consistent with the directives for obtaining the CE label
  • CE coaching and consulting

Risk Assessment

The top priority of risk reduction is found in the basic standard DIN EN ISO 12100:2010 "Safety of Machinery". For the risk assessment carried out for this purpose, the external and internal influences on the machine or system are recorded as well as the userĀ“s influence taken into account. Visible or potential risks are to be analyzed and rated, and measures for eliminating or reducing the risks developed. From the risk assessment, safety messages warnings are derived for the instruction manual.

CE Conformity

In order to put a machine or system on the European market, CE conformity must be proven. Conformity is documented by affixing the CE symbol. In order to use the CE symbol, all documentation requirements stated in the various guidelines must be properly prepared. The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC requires the preparation of the associated technical documentation, instruction manual and risk assessment.

We support you during the course of the project:

  • Support of project management and project engineers with questions regarding CE conformity
  • Preparation of statements for topics relating to CE conformity
  • Execution of conformity assessment procedures