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Technical documentation and CAD services in electrical engineering, control and safety systems

The docemos GmbH prepares documentation for electrical engineering systems and control systems on behalf of the contractor. This also includes the compilation and checking of the documentation for entire systems on behalf of the general contractor or facility management.

After preparation of the documentation, maintenance and periodic comparison between the cabinet copy and CAD database as well as updating the As-Built documentation take place.

Our Services

  • Project management for technical documentation
  • Compilation of complete As-Built documentation (plant documentation) for electrical engineering, control and safety systems
  • Inventory of the as-is situation on-site
  • Revision of existing drawings: incorporation of redmarks and changes to the existing circuit plans
  • Preparation of layout plans and block flow charts
  • Preparation of circuit and wiring diagrams including cable and parts lists
  • CAD services (WSCAD, AutoCAD, ...)
  • Digitalization of existing circuit diagrams (paper form) for modifications and expansions
  • Incorporation of redmarks and changes to the existing circuit plans
  • Checking the documentation for:
    - As-Built conformity
    - conformity with the relevant regulations
    - plausibility check of the documents
    - completeness of the documents
  • Labeling of programmable logic controller assemblies (I/O assignment)
  • Tagging

CE-conform technical documentation

European norms and legislators place high demands on the technical documentation. This applies to the preparation of the documents, and also for the maintenance and updating during operation.

Our focus is on construction projects and modifications in existing industrial plants for semiconductor and solar cell production.

The docemos GmbH furnishes the above services for all trades in
  • Electrical engineering
  • Control technology (FMCS)
  • Safety technology (LSS)