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Document Control

Document Control Document control and technical documentation

Document control (often referred to as record control and abbreviated as DC and RC) is often considered the secretary´s job.

Because document control gathers and distributes commercial and technical documents, the tasks and qualification requirements extend far beyond those of a classic project secretariat.

The goal of document control is the administration of all commercial and technical documents as the interface between the project team and the other stakeholders of the project so that information is distributed in a structured, targeted and understandable fashion.

It is the job of document control to seamlessly record, manage and distribute all documents relevant to the project in paper form and the related electronic databases. Additionally, the technical documentation is to be compiled in parallel to construction progress.

Everyone responsible for a project has been in the situation where a document for a justified or unjustified deficiency or change order/claim is the deciding factor and it can´t be found! So it´s all the more frustrating when they have tried to counter the problem early on.

Furthermore, there is a direct connection between document control and the success of a project:

  • Document control offers the basic documents for each commercial evaluation of scope changes.
  • Document Control protects from unnecessary effort and disputes during commissioning, acceptance, handover of plant documentation and handover of the plant itself.

Our experienced staff

  • structure your documentation and your document control,
  • recommend suitable tools, i.e. Document Management Systems (DMS)
  • implement document control at the construction site and
  • seamlessly handover the Document Control to your personnel

The implementation of document control by the team which is also involved in the preparation of the documentation has proven its worth. This way an even workload over the course of the project can be achieved, and the training period for preparation of the As-Built documentation isn´t needed

Die Abwicklung der Technischen-Dokumentation.

docemos GmbH: Your partner for document control in your construction projects!