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Expert opinions, CAD services and technical documentation in fire protection

The docemos GmbH has been providing support to designers, expert witnesses and plant operators with services relating to fire protection and technical documentation for many years. We can assist you beyond the preparation of technical drawings with fire protection concepts, expert opinions, on-site inspection, or by preparation and maintenance of the licensing documentation.

Brandschutz We create your:

  • Fire protection plans
    Fire protection plans are an integral part of the fire protection concept. Professionally prepared plans make up an important part of the company fire protection organization. For operators, fire protection plans are helpful, cost-saving documents e.g. for building renovations, preventative fire protection measures and the preparation of the fire protection regulations. Fire protection plans are an important aid for the recurrent checks of fire protection systems which are required by law.
  • Fire department plans
    The state building regulations require the owner of "special properties" (special structures according to German state building regulations-LBO) e.g. shops, hospitals, industrial buildings) to prepare fire evacuation plans. These plans serve the fire department for quick orientation. They provide an overview of access routes, fire protection and extinguishing equipment as well as particular risks in the facility.
  • Escape and rescue plans
    Escape and rescue plans provide orientation in case of danger. Escape and rescue plans are prescribed by a number of laws and special regulations. Furthermore, the plans may be required by the authorities during building permit procedures as an additional requirement.
  • Room escape plans
    An escape plan with information on what to do in case of fire is to be placed in every room in an establishment providing accommodations. The plans are required by building authorities.
  • Seating plans
    In places of assembly (according to German ordinance governing places of assembly - VstättVO) the layout of seating and standing room as well as the course of escape and rescue routes must be outlined in seating and rescue plans, and submitted to the authorities.

Our Services:

  • Preparation of fire protection concepts
  • Fire department plans according to DIN 14095:
    - General facility information
    - layout plans
    - Floor plans
    - Special plans
  • Escape and rescue plans according to DIN ISO 23601
  • Seating plan according to German VstättVO
  • Room escape plans
  • Fire protection plans based on your fire safety concept for new construction and existing structures
  • Preparation of fire protection position plans
  • Architecture site measuring
  • Fire protection inventory in facilities
  • Digitalization and processing of paper plans
  • Coordination for release of all types of plans with the appropriate authorities or the fire department
  • Printing of the plans in all common sizes as well as using special paper
  • Framing of plans and hanging plans on-site
  • Recurring inspection of your fire department plans
  • Plan archive and document management
  • Planning and documentation of recurrent inspections of your fire protection systems

The tools we use are our BTE portal along with the CAD programs and our document management system. BTE portal is a web-based system for planning, implementation and documentation of recurrent checks of your fire protection systems.

Target groups are:

  • Operators of plants and real estate
  • Fire protection expert witnesses
  • Fire protection planers/architects
  • Construction companies
  • Fire departments/fire protection service

We work nation-wide on behalf of our clients


  • BTE Consult GmbH, Freiburg
  • BTE Consult GmbH, Vogelsdorf bei Berlin
  • IB Biczek, Maisach bei Munich
  • IB Fichter, Mosbach
  • KVN GmbH, Munich
  • Meny GmbH, Mosbach
  • DEKRA Automobil GmbH