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Hook-Up refers to the connection and commissioning of production machinery (tools). Because of high investment costs and ever shorter product cycles, there must not be any delays during the commissioning of a production line.

Reinraum Dokumentation für Hook-up Projekte (Quelle und Copyright: AMTC Dresden) Our Services:

  • Project management for technical documentation
  • Standardization of project management for technical documentation from the start of contracting until handover.
  • Preparation of tool-related P&ID and installation drawings
  • Preparation of tool layouts
  • On-site remeasure for hook-up piping and installations
  • CAD services
  • Compilation of design packages
  • Tagging / equipment identification
  • Preparation of As-Built documentation from individual tool hook-up all the way to a complete hook-up project
  • Editing of all document types in hook-up (P&ID, layout drawings, detailed plans, equipment cards, parts lists, tagging lists)
  • Documentation of the qualification and commissioning (QA/QC)
  • Preparation of a traditional tool book or complete electronic tool folder (ETF)
  • Obtaining client’s acceptance for the tool documentation
  • Editing of existing documentation, standardization
  • Support in deficiency management (see also PRO-DEF)
  • Commercial support
  • Use of our own database-supported software for deficiency management, remeasure and preparation of documentation.
  • Technical Document Control

How do we support your hook-up-project?

The time frame between the first tool planning and installation, acceptance and documentation is very tight. Planning alternatives, calling for bids for various service packages, construction supervision, acceptance and deficiency rectification require additional time and resources of the parties concerned. Additionally, there is the execution of remeasure as well as preparation of the documentation.
The use of an external service provider makes the documentation processing and remeasure more efficient. One´s own specialist engineers are immediately available for value-added-processes. Synergies during remeasure processing and As-Built inspections go hand-in-hand.
The result: prompt hook-up documentation parallel to installation progress, and thus swift acceptance of the tool. The use of database-supported tools for remeasure management optimizes the work process. Information required for the service packages, dimensions and costs is immediately available and can be used for remeasure, budget and controlling. The remeasure processing is well structured and transparent, enabling prompt payment flows.

Expertise and References

  • CAD support for analysis of variants for tool layout for a manufacturer of film displays employing semiconductors.
  • Preparation of all tool documentation of the firm carrying out the work during continuous hook-up phases
  • Support of hook-up teams for general contractors and installation companies

Our clients come from the semiconductor and solar industries, as well as high-tech research.

The main focus is on the use of electronic data formats in documentation and the use of workflows to accelerate projects and transparency.